Workington cricketing legend JB Parker lives on in new competition

JB Parker – Barry to everyone – was a Workington Cricket Club legend, and his name will live on.

The club held a special game on Friday night where the Barry Parker Trophy was awarded to the winning team, in this case the club’s under-23s.

It was basically the idea of ​​the club’s chairman, Kristian Moffat, who wanted an annual match in which the club’s young players would face some of the players who had represented the club over the years.

Paul McKeown (Chief), one of the senior players who still regularly turn up for seconds, suggested it would be the perfect game to introduce a trophy that would be a fitting memorial to one of the club’s greats.

He said: “There are a few of us at the club who remember Barry. He was a Workington Cricket Club and Cumberland legend who was a gentleman and known throughout the county.

“He was an all-around sportsman – who also played rugby for Workington Zebras – and an ex-school teacher who was a great role model. He was definitely someone who helped me at the start of my career.

“I’m old enough to have played in the same team as him.”

There was a good crowd to watch the match at the Valentine Ground in which the Under-23s eventually beat the Older Statesmen by four runs. Current first teams Thomas Fox (40no) and Ben Scott (22 on five balls) won the match.

The game was played in a competitive but great spirit and it was particularly nice to see former first-team members Gary James, Simon James and Andrew Reed doing their part for the Old Boys.

“It was a good night, although I bet some of the older guys had trouble getting out of bed in the morning!” said Paul.

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