Woman accused of using shock collar on convicted 12-year-old daughter-in-law in Genesee County

FLINT, MI – A Genesee County woman charged with using a shock collar on her 12-year-old stepdaughter has been sentenced.

Tiffany R. Alvarado, 39, was sentenced Tuesday, Aug. 25, by Genesee Circuit Judge Brian J. Pickell to one year in prison, with four days credit and probation.

She is eligible for work release, with a tether as part of the sentence through a plea agreement.

Alvarado, of Richfield Township, did not file a challenge in July against a count of second-degree child abuse in exchange for first-degree child abuse, torture and three other charges of child abuse. second-degree children abandoned.

The victim, who MLive-The Flint Journal does not name, made a statement via Zoom calling the deal unfair because Alvarado abused her for a longer period of time.

She described a pattern of abuse, starting with pulling her ear, then pushing her, kicking and throwing her down the stairs.

“She tried to drown me. She put her dog’s shock collar on me and I was shaking so much that I had difficulty walking, ”the victim said.

The victim said she did not tell her father because she feared she would be hurt.

Alvarado’s lawyer Jodi Lynn Hemingway said there were several dynamics at play in the case, including previous incidents with the victim trying to burn down the house and cut his father’s tires.

Much of the discussion in court revolved around an incident in which Alvarado punched the victim.

Alvarado said she believed the victim was pushing a stuffing into a child’s mouth, while the victim told authorities an attempt was underway to remove the article.

“She loved this child. She broke down that day and she broke because of the history of ongoing issues and behavior, ”Hemingway said, wondering why the father hadn’t been charged as well. “If you boil it down to brass tacks, it’s a sensational title, but there’s so much more to it. There is a complicated family history.

Genesee County Assistant District Attorney Sara Coaster called Alvarado’s behavior “despicable.”

“She claimed in plea that she just broke,” Coaster said. “You don’t repeatedly abuse a child. You don’t put a shock collar on a child and sit there and look at that child and ask them what it feels like to be afraid.

“The accused denied responsibility for this behavior from the start. Only finally admitted to putting a shock collar on (the victim). added Coaster. “She should be ashamed of herself and she deserves every day that she spends in jail.”

Speaking briefly to the court and the victim, Alvarado said the situation had torn his family apart.

“I admitted my wrongdoing,” she commented. “I know what I did wrong… I have loved this little girl since she was 12 months old. I put my heart and soul in her when no one else has.

She admitted that she was not proud of her actions that day, but Alvarado also denied the other allegations made.

“I know she’s angry. I know everyone is mad at me, ”Alvarado said. “I’ll do my best to make things right. I miss my children. Hope I miss them. I am really sorry.”

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