Where brokers and carriers can find common ground

Brokers have thousands of loads that need to be moved each year, and finding the capacity to fill such a large amount requires as much exposure as possible.

The problem is that it is not easy to reach a large number of qualified carriers in one place, especially in constantly changing market conditions.

Navigating the current spot market has become tricky for carriers over the past few months. Readily available capacity has pushed the pricing power dial in favor of shippers, making load supply in preferred lanes with fair rates more difficult to secure.

However, paying and searching through multiple load charts to find the best loads is already straining operating budgets. It also consumes valuable time that could otherwise be spent transporting goods.

Trucker Path bridges the gap between brokers and carriers. Over 1,000 brokers post loads to the fastest growing truck load board, TruckLoads, to grow their networks and get in front of the one million active drivers and owner-operators who make up the Trucker Path community.

Owner-operators can view, negotiate and secure loads from trusted brokers all in one place with TruckLoads, which is available through the Trucker Path app or on the various app stores. Brokers can publish thousands of uploads in minutes via multiple integration options including Application Programming Interface (API), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI ), email, or choose from several other options.

“The current freight market is very challenging for carriers and brokers,” said Chris Oliver, director of marketing at Trucker Path. “Allowing brokers to increase the visibility of their loads and making it easier for Trucker Path users to secure them brings value to everyone, including the consumers of transported freight.”

Traditionally, carriers and brokers engage in back and forth calls to discuss cargo details, which can often be frustrating for everyone involved. With Trucker Path, carriers receive all the necessary load information in advance when securing a load, allowing them to move quickly and save everyone time.

Once a load is purchased, it is automatically sent to the Trucker Path app, where drivers can then access all the information needed to get the load from origin to destination safely, efficiently and comfortably.

The Trucker Path driver app provides access to mapping and navigation tools, as well as other essential knowledge along routes, including:

  • Real-time predictive parking availability at over 20,000 truck stops.
  • Weigh station status and wait time.
  • Shipping dock ratings, reviews, photos, amenities, detention reports, and navigation showing exactly where trucks enter/exit the facility.
  • Fuel prices at thousands of locations, updated several times a day.
  • Ratings, reviews, photos and listings of over 300,000 trucker-centric points of interest, including rest stops, refueling points, truck washes and scales, shipping facilities, repair shops, restaurants, hotels and more.

The traditional document submission process has long caused headaches for drivers and brokers.

Exchanging important documents can put an end to what used to be a smooth procurement and delivery process. Many ways to submit these documents cause a number of problems, including not being searchable due to blank or indistinguishable subject lines, being buried in an email chain, or they are never even attached to an email.

With Trucker Path, once a load has been delivered, drivers can quickly scan and upload all applicable documents for the job – a streamlined and organized way to provide brokers with what they need to process payments. The result is that both parties get paid and quickly move on to their next load.

“TruckLoads is another example of how Trucker Path is building technology with the driver in mind, and brokers see the value when they send their freight to us,” Oliver said. “Simplified procurement and streamlined communication processes simplify the process of moving goods and minimize operational headaches for everyone involved.”

Trucker Path’s TruckLoads board provides a seamless experience for viewing, securing, delivering and fulfilling loads that increases broker and carrier efficiency and productivity.

To learn more about TruckerPath and its load chart used by an extensive network of brokers and carriers, click here.

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