VIPAR Heavy Duty expands its PARTSPHERE digital ecosystem

VIPAR Heavy Duty says it continues to invest in the innovation and evolution of its PARTSPHERE Digital Ecosystem suite of technology products as part of the organization’s long-term strategy to deliver the best technology and related solutions. to information to support the success of the network.

Since the inception of PARTSPHERE in 2019, VIPAR Heavy Duty has remained focused on implementing new features and enhancements to its existing platforms as well as the development and overall expansion of the technology suite.

PARTSPHERE OMS, an order management system that facilitates the electronic transmission of orders, invoices and documents between distributors and suppliers, has seen a significant increase in adoption within the network since its launch. All 116 VIPAR Heavy Duty distributors are fully integrated and 87 partner suppliers in the network have been set up, or are in the process of being integrated, to carry out their electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions more quickly and with more precision thanks to the platform, the company says.

VIPAR Heavy Duty recently extended its order management technology with the launch of PARTSPHERE FLEET, its next generation fleet order management system, to connect national fleet distributors and business partners. Powered by the same innovative technology behind PARTSPHERE OMS, PARTSPHERE FLEET integrates with distributor systems and uses EDI capabilities to provide a scalable parts ordering solution to fleet customers based on modern technology and with enhanced functionality. Automated algorithms perform part matching and price validation to streamline the ordering process and improve accuracy, optimizing time and resource savings for distributors and their fleet customers.

“The past year has accelerated an already growing need for digitization in our industry,” said Andrei Katibnikov, vice president of information technology, VIPAR Heavy Duty. “VIPAR Heavy Duty’s focus on integration within PARTSPHERE OMS, the launch of PARTSPHERE FLEET and our continued investment in our comprehensive digital platform ensures that distributors, suppliers and customers across the fleet and end users have the tools to support and grow their business, delivering True Group value to benefit our entire network.

PARTSPHERE PIM, the organization’s product information management system, contains information to help distributors and their customers easily locate needed parts. Continuous improvements have been implemented to support the increasing breadth and depth of quality data, including product attributes, descriptions, exchanges, image assets and more. With nearly one million parts currently managed in PARTSPHERE PIM, the deployment and evolution of partner integrations with the platform, combined with improvements to the organization’s PARTSPHERE CLOUD file sharing system, make the transfer information about products to its more efficient end-use technology platforms, thereby reducing the time required to manage data and increasing speed to market, according to VIPAR.

“The importance of rich product information is critical, especially as the demand for data and the rate of adoption of digital commerce increases and affects the way our distributors do business,” said Jeff Paul, vice -President of Marketing, VIPAR Heavy Duty. “The ongoing process of maintaining and distributing quality product data supports our mission to help distributors better serve their customers today and in the future. “

VIPAR Heavy Duty’s PARTSPHERE digital ecosystem also includes PARTSPHERE MDM, a master data management system, and PARTSPHERE B2B digital commerce solutions.

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