Vet helps other vets find jobs

SOUTH CAROLINA (FOX Carolina) – This week is Veteran’s Small Business Week.

It’s when we celebrate, connect and empower aspiring and current members who are also entrepreneurs, according to the United States Small Business Association.

Robyn Grable of Simpsonville is using artificial intelligence to help other veterans find jobs. It’s something she experienced firsthand.

“I served nine years in the navy. I can do anything, but when I went to the resume writer, he said, “No one will figure out how to translate your navy skills. Go get a job as an administrative assistant,” Grable said.

Grable admits that this could be due, in part, to the fact that she is a woman, but other military personnel, like Kristyne Thomas, had similar experiences once they were done serving our country.

“I had a really hard time working in the retail industry because we had different work values,” Thomas said.

Thomas served in the Army National Guard before doing retail as well as other jobs. She now resides in Charleston.

The Veteran’s Metrics Initiative shows underemployment and unemployment rates combined reach a staggering 61% for our troops. Read about it here.

“I had met the wife of an Army veteran,” Grable said, “we were working on our master’s degrees. She commented that her husband had been away for six months and had been unable to get an interview.

This inspired Grable to use his 30-year career in human resources to start his small business, “Talents Ascend.” And it doesn’t just focus on veterans, but also people with disabilities and criminal backgrounds, for example.

“We don’t use CVs,” Grable said, “We don’t have candidates who apply first to go to the interview. It’s really a question of skills matching.

Thomas landed an internal role. Grable says she and her staff match about 1,500 vets a day. She never stopped serving. Part of the goal is to eliminate the complications of transferring military skills onto a single sheet of paper. According to Thomas, this is something that many veterans struggle with.

“It’s the first job since I left the military where I was like, ‘OK, this is where I’m supposed to be.’ It’s the place that values ​​what I bring as a veteran,” Thomas said.

There is no cost for service members to create a profile.

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