Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2021

Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2021 – Day 3

by EFPT Aug 22 12:36 PDT
August 13-22, 2021

Will Yentel Caers be as consistent in the final as in qualifying? Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2021 © Emanuela Cauli

Sunshine, a light breeze, a large crowd, a boat wake and the winch – all the ingredients were in place for a perfect Tow-in Airstyle final at the Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine 2021. The six riders who qualified yesterday took part in the whole first knockout final. format, where after each race one of the riders has been eliminated. In total, four races were carried out in different categories. Three of them – Air, Combo, and Send – are familiar with qualifying, but the judges decided to swap the Spin category for something new. In the end, Lennart Neubauer (Tribord / Severne) took the victory, read on to find out how he fared …

The skippers’ meeting saw the introduction of the Regular category into the mix. Don’t be fooled by the name, because this category is anything but easy. Athletes are forced to have their feet upside down during takeoff, simulating what is called a “steady position” when windsurfing. The result of this change was immediately visible during testing. As the riders were now forced to deviate from their usual repertoire of movements, the crowd was able to enjoy a whole new variety of action. The Double Air Culo and Kabikuchi were thrown out, and if the practice round had counted towards the competition, then the final would have been incredibly close by this point already.

First, the Air category. Amado Vrieswijk (FutureFly / Severne) opened with an attempt from Skopu, but didn’t quite make the landing. A similar attempt was made by Max Matissek (Fanatic / Duotone) who also didn’t score too high. Subsequently, there was a clear move towards double air rotations among the remaining riders. Balz Müller (Severne) tried to add a rail grab, and it was once again Yentel Caers (JP / NeilPryde) who asserted his dominance with a perfect score of 10 on his run. Unfortunately, Max had the lowest score and was therefore eliminated from the final.

The Combo category has not been so lenient for Yentel, who for the first time in this competition has planted a blow. The final was wide open again allowing Lennart Neubauer and Sam Esteve (JP / NeilPryde) to take advantage of the Belgian’s mistake. The funnel variations filled the scoresheet and it was Amado Vrieswijk who was knocked out after not completing his run.

The trickiest of all the runs turned out to be the Regular category. With only four riders in the field, they were now fighting to secure a place on the podium. Sam Esteve showed the crowd how difficult it is to set up a towing motion in regular position, nearly crashing into the boat on his first attempt. Since he didn’t really jump, he got another attempt. Opting this time for no wave, he impresses with a magnificent Double Culo. Plus, recreating the nearly perfect Double Air Culo from qualifying was definitely on Yentel’s mind, but sadly he failed to impress that much. As this is the third round, a discrepancy is now applied to one of the scores. Lennart could immediately use his for an unsuccessful attempt by Kabikuchi. Balz Müller tried to hang on to the podium with a very high Kono but, with the retirements now applying in favor of the other riders, he was eliminated.

And so, it was the last three: Neubauer, Caers and Esteve. There was only one item left in the Airstyle menu: send it! We saw a huge double aerial rotation of Yentel, but it was Sam who attempted Air Skopu’s very first tow in Burner that caused a collective gasp from the judges. The only thing that could surpass that was the tallest Air Skopu ever seen in the history of towing competition. It is none other than the young Lennart Neubauer who can now write this feat in his name – guaranteeing him the first place.

See the final results here and check their impact on the overall standings of the EFPT Tow-in Championship here.

Tomorrow all the runners will take to the water one last time in a completely different format. To see the Tricks for Cash expression session unfold, be sure to log into our live page tomorrow from 10:30 am. See you there for more radical action!

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