Trump’s new book will keep fact-checkers busy (letter to the editor)

It was recently announced that the former President 45 is furiously (two-way) working on a new book. As you might expect, the carnival barker style as “the book of all books”, there is one group desperately awaiting its release. Assuming it’s not another ‘infrastructure week’.

The fact-checking industry.

Times have been tough for those unreasonable believers in truth and verifiable facts instead of ego-driven fantasies and fabrications. Since 81 million U.S. voters sent him packing and social media companies finally decided to incite violent insurgencies, fact-checkers have struggled to find work. Their biggest source of income has been taken off the playing field.

A substantial new offer from the author of over 30,000 lies over a four year period will be a much needed job stimulus for this underemployed group. The occasional blog post from his office didn’t have the legs or immediacy to spur job creation. This new offering will offer hundreds of jobs per page just to unravel fractured grammar, odd word use, non-sequences and incomplete thoughts. Lies and fabricated “facts” will add years to their efforts.

So let’s all support this next offering of fabricated grievances and outrages. His grudge will continue as his followers scramble to scavenge the last crumbs from his table laden with nonsense, nonsense fast food. Fortunately, these poor souls of the struggling fact-checking industry will, quite unwittingly, be the beneficiaries of his tasteless and self-serving largesse.

Even nonsense can serve the greater good.

(Dr. F. Michael Westhafer is a resident of New Dorp.)

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