Thompson Valley, Loveland tennis girls unfazed by regional tournament – Loveland Reporter-Herald

A trio of local women’s tennis teams will soon face their toughest test yet in 2021 as they travel to North Lake Park for Thursday’s Region 4 Class 4A tournament.

With players like Windsor and Greeley West among a plethora of powerful programs, getting a ticket to the 2021 State Championships certainly won’t be a walk for Loveland, Thompson Valley or Mountain View – no matter where you look across the globe. short during the event organized by LHS.

Still, in the midst of respectable seasons in which each of these groups are 0.500 or better ahead of the high-stakes event, it’s not as if LHS, TV, or MV are intending to turn around and go. wave the white flag this week.

Take the example of coach Jay Klagge’s Eagles, who love their chances of sending multiple backers past Thursday’s gauntlet by entering regions simultaneously to a noticeable increase.

“The reality is that every time you go into regions, someone can put you in a place where all of a sudden a set is tight,” Klagge said. “So you can’t take anyone lightly. But over the past few weeks our daughters have really shown a willingness to compete and improve. We want to compete hard for second place. And obviously the biggest goal is to get as many lines in that top two as possible. We should be competitive on at least four lines. We have a good photo. “

Despite starting 2021 on the shorthand, as various active varsity brought the volleyball season to a close, television has had no problem putting together collectively effective programming since the return of its missing pieces.

Notably, after struggling to stay afloat with reduced depth in the doubles realm in a season-opening 6-1 loss to LHS, the delayed returns from Camryn and Becca Wiersema instantly proved beneficial. for the Eagles’ partner mix.

Making use of inherent chemistry, the sophomore sisters have broken an 8-0 record at No.3 in doubles this year. Given the duo’s natural talent for staying on the same page, it looks like the Wiersemas are in line to continue building success on Thursday.

“They’re right-to-left to start with, and that’s an advantage,” Klagge said. “They’re really moving too. Both fly and neither is afraid of making a mistake. They keep coming your way, and I love their resilience for sure. And we’re pretty optimistic about all of our doubles lines. “

Aside from the Wiersemas, nothing has deterred second Allie Mertens in the No.2 doubles arena so far, regardless of Klagge’s pencil as an underclass partner.

While competing at No. 2 in doubles alongside three different partners this year, Mertens is a perfect 8-0 –– with a 4-0 record with junior Carolina Goldsberry.

Simply put, year two is the fuel that keeps the TV’s # 2 dual train to stay on track, regardless of its neighbor. And speaking of gas on fire, senior Emmalee Dekkers and junior Dasha Mullholand progress to Thursday’s tournament poised to keep the TV singles flame on fire.

Given that they both have flawless resumes, 7-0, Dekkers (No.2 in singles) and Mullholand (No.3 in singles) seem destined to gain obvious momentum in the 2021 state competition. .

“Dasha and Emmalee have a great shot,” Klagge said. “They just need to keep doing what they’re doing which is playing veteran tennis well. They make good choices, especially when they are late. They can adapt if someone damages them. I just love their math and the maturity of those two.

As for LHS, coach Heidi Abrahamson does indeed anticipate increased competition from the Eagles compared to the days when his roster dominated the local enemy’s sparse roster on April 29. However, like television, Loveland knows that she also benefited from constant improvements throughout the condensed campaign.

Specifically, LHS is preparing to host regional ones after gaining crucial experience in last Tuesday’s Front Range League Finals – where Abrahamson’s squad placed seventh of 12 as they battled in a field elite 5A.

“Thompson Valley didn’t have about four of his college players last time around,” Abrahamson said. “So they definitely got stronger. But I feel like at the same time we’ve also improved our games. Playing at Powder and Fairview and Fossil (Ridge), these matches gave us great competitiveness. We did pretty well in our Front Range League tournament, which was a good warm-up for the regionals.

Highlighting Loveland’s chances of making his presence known, Abrahamson claims the legitimate strength of singles as a top-down force in the solo zone. Leading the way, Beilynn Geiss is considering a rebound after the junior (8-2) suffered a rare defeat in conference last week.

Deeper into a tight singles rotation, seniors Rebecca Emme (6-4) and Megan Lindsey (7-2) will most certainly be aiming for the stars at North Lake Park as well.

“It’s a good area for (Geiss),” Abrahamson said. “The matches will be competitive, but she certainly has a very strong opportunity to win regional and to fight against the State. And, honestly, all of our girls have an opportunity. They are all ready. We should be able to compete with just about anyone we come across. “

For MV, the dramatically improved doubles ability has carried Josh Marty’s team 4-4 since they racked up just three wins in four seasons of 2016-19. Overall, MV is running a short distance to North Lake Park at 7-1 in No.3 in doubles as sophomores Evie Burch and Saura Dorcey have also won four of five games at No.4.

At Level 3A, Berthoud is locked in and tasked with thriving at Dawson School during Thursday’s Region 5 tournament against the Mustangs, Fort Lupton, and Peak to Peak.

Rising to unwavering dominance, BHS holds a double record of 25-6 2021 as junior Sydney Hocker and sophomore Kendra Maitland (7-0) find themselves particularly in the thickness of an admirable groove at No 1.

In addition, relying on the other stars of the second year in singles Holly Jaros (6-1 at No.1) and Nicolette Marty (6-1 at No.2) would certainly not be a wise move to fight the programs, because everyone is looking for a regional crown.

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