The Squid game doesn’t need a second season

Major spoilers for upcoming Squid Game

Squid Game is arguably the TV event of the year. Its popularity is massive, eclipsing the release of media juggernaut James Bond by eclipsing No Time To Die in the same amount of time. Everyone’s talking about it, even my mom has asked me if I’ve seen Squid Game and if she should watch it, and it’s something that rarely happens unless it’s Sharknado or another lousy movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Yes, my mom tastes good.

What I’m saying is Squid Game is big business, drawing millions of viewers around the world with its creative twist on a familiar premise. It’s a dark, brutal, funny, and poignant examination of modern societal struggles that so many can resonate with. Its razor-sharp storytelling and wonderful characters make its nine episodes play out in the blink of an eye, and given the culture of frenzy that has defined streaming services for years, people are already asking for more.

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Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has previously said he doesn’t have any concrete ideas for a second season, making it clear that the series is likely intended to be an isolated story with an ambiguous conclusion that further reinforces everything it does. pretended to say. The final episode ends with protagonist Seong Gi-hun preventing another poor soul from falling victim to the game, snatching his business card before boarding a plane to Los Angeles where he can finally reunite with his family.


With endless riches and new life founding him now, all looks good, but in the dying moments he dials the number on the card. Now in a position of power, he demonizes the crooked game masters for taking advantage of people like him, saying that he is not a horse and that he cannot sit idly by as more and more innocent people are murdered in the name of twisted fun. He turns to the camera, walking towards us as the screen goes black and the credits roll.

This is a cliffhanger, with Gi-hun’s final words serving as a mission statement for what he plans to do next and how he plans to fight an unfair system that knowingly abuses the know-it-all. just not better. But despite his resistance, the corrupt powers that be will continue to operate, as one man will not change the grand scheme of things. It’s harsh, but undeniably true.

The end of the show is a metaphor for real protest movements, or humble individuals who finally find the courage to fight back and say they’re as crazy as hell, and won’t take it anymore. . This ethos is powerful enough, it doesn’t need to be hammered with an extra season of episodes where our hero comes up against a system that outshines him in every way imaginable beyond his own understanding of humanity. . Also, all of the supporting characters are dead, with just a few details to work out. We would need to introduce a new selection of newsworthy personalities who are no longer forced to bond and resort to horrific means of survival in the middle of a game where they are unlikely to win.

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Our hero is already broken, the trauma of having to value his own life despite others having worn him down so much, but at the center is still a man who cares. In the final showdown, he chooses to save Sang-woo, throw the money away, and offer another chance at life away from it all. His friend refuses, killing himself despite Gi-hun’s optimism to show this world is dark and unfair, but you can still find light in the darkness. This message permeates the entire show, solidifying the fact that our own reality is where the bad guys have won, and we need to work alongside the underprivileged to find value in our own lives and respect the meanings of others. In the end, all cannot be nothing, and despite all its misery, Squid Game ends on a note of hope.

Is Gi-hun participating in the competition again or making his way inside by teaming up with law enforcement who received evidence from the policeman moments before he was murdered? by his own brother. Or was he? See, there are so many unanswered questions that would be perfect for another season, but I think giving in to that pressure will only dilute the message at the heart of Squid Game. Battle Royale is a perfect example of this trajectory. The original is a Japanese classic, while its sequel sought to expand its myth and explore the evil individuals at the center of its disgusting game. The more you reveal, the less mysterious it becomes and the more the plots multiply, with viewers forced to piece together all the disparate elements.

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This could be a show to go against the status quo, although I imagine Netflix is ​​terribly tempted to fund a second season given the unprecedented success of Squid Game, which means either a direct sequel or a stand-alone narrative will be built to accommodate such a thing. If that happens, and it probably will, hopefully it doesn’t spoil so much of what made the first season so special. It was a heartbreaking watch, but sprinkled with hope and love, showing that the care we encourage for one another is far more powerful than the political and economic systems that seek to control our lives and determine what we do. can and cannot do. Gi-hun was able to escape from this perpetual prison, even though he stepped over the corpses of his friends and family to make it all possible, but in the end he is ready to fight and defend himself, and we don’t need to. see this coming revolution for ourselves to know that it means something.

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