The SPS network is now available for CrescoData e-commerce customers

CrescoData, a Pitney Bowes company and commerce platform-as-a-service company, says its customers can now connect to the SPS Commerce retail network.

CrescoData says SPS has the largest retail network and specializes in working with retailers who trade electronically with their suppliers around the world. CrescoData, an Application Programming Interface (API) integration specialist, has connected to the SPS Commerce retail network to enable merchants to synchronize orders, order acknowledgement, advance shipping notices and inventory.

The API specialist claims to have developed this new integration to efficiently and accurately comply with retailers’ requirements. He says this includes pre-built cards that are fully automated in the CrescoData Commerce Connect platform, enabling retailers and e-merchants to grow their business.

Mark O’Leary, Marketing Director of SPS Commerce, says SPS Commerce is excited to partner with CrescoData and provide a more streamlined order fulfillment process for e-commerce retailers.

“Our retail network connects global retail businesses to increase efficiency, support omnichannel retail initiatives and provide essential supply chain visibility,” he said.

Anna Trybocka, CEO of CrescoData, says SPS Commerce is a world leader in electronic data interchange (EDI) integration.

“This partnership allows API customers to seamlessly integrate with some of the major EDI sales channels without the need for additional development,” she said.

This comes after the company released its 2022 product development roadmap, which includes consideration of:

  • A product rules editor, creating rules to override product attributes from source
  • Automated documentation, customers will see how attributes are mapped between a source channel and a destination.
  • Error responses, translating raw integration responses into understandable actions
  • A health dashboard, a summary of a merchant’s CrescoData configuration, including the number of products published and the number of products with errors along with required actions.
  • Automated testing, improving internal development processes to ensure changes to mappings are as expected without changing behavior for other scenarios.
  • An API Developer Portal, a developer portal on how customers can integrate with CrescoData’s API with standardized scenarios and payload formats.
  • Portal UX/UI improvements, increased transparency, removed ambiguity, presented dataflow links, and made individual configurations more configurable.

CrescoData claims it is a leading integration platform and uses the latest AWS serverless architecture and AI to connect, map and automate business data at scale.

The CrescoData Commerce-in-the-Cloud suite is available through an open API and provides a single integration point to connect to over 90 preconfigured connectors.

SPS serves 95,000 retail supply chain partners and says its cloud-based solutions help businesses improve efficiency and better serve their customers.

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