The 5 Best Distribution Training Courses You Can Take Right Now

Solutions Review editors have compiled this list to highlight 5 of the best distribution trainings and online courses that distribution directors and strategists should consider in 2021.

SR finds 106Distribution professionals need to know what their colleagues are doing, what tools they rely on, what trends are emerging in the industry, while managing orders and schedules. While there are many technologies to help you, such as distributor ERP systems, nothing can entirely replace the value of well-deserved expertise. With the distribution training courses listed below, you can continue to develop your existing skills and knowledge or prepare for the skills that distributors look for in their employees.

The courses are aimed at people seeking to extend, refine or relaunch their knowledge of distributor and logistics management, in particular on the SAP platform. You can click on the GO TO TRAINING link to learn more about each course and to register. Each course is listed alphabetically by the name of the e-learning platform on which it is available.

The best distribution training courses for 2021

Course Title: Distribution and logistics management

OUR OPINION : With 24 hours of course material, and instructor and self-study options, this course is a great option for students looking for an accessible way to learn about the most important elements of business management. distribution and logistics.

Provider: ed2go

The description: Taught by an industry expert with over 20 years of online training and supply chain experience, this course can be taken by anyone interested in learning more about distribution and logistics and can be completed in 6 to 12 weeks. Students can expect to learn about enterprise resource planning (ERP), barcodes, electronic data interchange (EDI), e-commerce, distribution resource planning (DRP) ), order fulfillment cycles, shipping management, inventory budgets, creation of logistics functions, etc.


Course Title: Basics of distribution and logistics

OUR OPINION : This recently updated course contains 3.5 hours of video on demand that will help beginners and intermediate professionals learn to coordinate logistics strategies, design distribution channel networks and manage inventory.

Provider: Udemy

The description: This course is developed for professionals with an intermediate level of experience and students considering a career in distribution and will equip its learners with the practical skills they need to enhance their industry expertise. You will learn about channel network design options, inventory management functions, strategic inventory management practices, ordering techniques, economic order quantity (EOQ), and other factors you should be aware of in the rapidly changing world of distribution and logistics.


Course Title: Main distribution management

OUR OPINION : Students taking this course can expect a basic understanding of distribution strategies and channel management.

Provider: Udemy

The description: This 90-minute, accessible course can help business owners, businesses, salespeople, marketers, channel managers, and freelancers understand how distribution strategies can improve their business. It means learning the distribution functions involved in business, the factors that affect channel decisions, why distribution is valuable, how intermediaries can improve your distribution strategies, and more.


Course Title: Training of super users SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)

OUR OPINION : This course will introduce sales professionals to the fundamentals of SAP sales and distribution and equip them with the skills and best practices they need to find their place with the capabilities of the platform.

Provider: Udemy

The description: With 5 hours of video on demand, students in this course will have lifetime access to a series of lectures and real-life examples covering topics as simple as navigating the SAP system to more complex tasks like promoting business development. end-to-end transactional activities. . While the course is designed for anyone looking to start their SAP career, the information covered is also beneficial for new SAP users and project managers or C-level executives.


Course Title: SAP S / 4HANA Shipping and Distribution

OUR OPINION : If you are looking for a detailed introduction to the shipping and distribution capabilities of the SAP S / 4HANA platform, this 2.5 hour course can help. The course is best suited for SAP consultants who wish to broaden their knowledge.

Provider: Udemy

The description: Over nearly 2.5 hours and 27 one-on-one lectures, this training program will teach you sales and distribution business models, delivery documents, and integrations with external warehouse management systems. The program was developed by existing SAP consultants and uses examples from the SAP S / 4HANA system to educate users on the platform’s functions and delivery processes.


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