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The drive to achieve “Amazon-like” operational efficiencies has seen many Kiwi food brands adopt integrative technology to optimize their supply chains.

But companies are now feeling the pressure when it comes to managing their growing ecosystems of suppliers and systems.

Kiwi technology integrator, Crossfire, is helping end this by connecting supply chain operating systems to improve visibility and maximize efficiency.

The secret ingredient; its fully managed integration service that creates a transparent flow of real-time data between all parties and all systems, without the need for in-house expertise or software.

Crossfire serves customers from a wide range of industries, including some of New Zealand’s leading retailers, suppliers and logistics companies.

This includes giants like Foodstuffs, Lion and Mainfreight as well as some of the country’s hottest and most beloved food brands including Oob Organics, Honest Brew Beer, Raglan Coconut Yogurt, Karma Drinks and Little Island Coconut Creamery to name a few. only a few.

It also integrates with a range of major retailers such as Rebel Sport, The Warehouse and Miter 10 to international behemoths like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, Bed Bath and Beyond and Costco.

“Integration using electronic data interchange (EDI) is not new,” says Henry Payne, manager of Crossfire. “It has been around for several years. But the complexity and cost of managing it internally continues to cause headaches for IT teams and business owners of all sizes.

“People are looking to take the hassle and risk out of their business through integration, not add to it. This is exactly what we are doing. Indeed, we remove human errors and inefficiencies through technology while guaranteeing our customers a quality service “first of the people”.

Payne says integration has now become fundamental for many large retailers, who also expect their suppliers and logistics partners to interact with them digitally.

One of the major retail giants reaping the benefits of Crossfire’s managed integration service is New Zealand’s largest grocery retailer, Foodstuffs.

With thousands of suppliers and millions of orders, invoices and data points to manage, Foodstuffs recently created a bespoke central supplier portal to help it manage its growing number of suppliers, product orders and invoices. in its network of owner-operator stores.

The centralized system, dubbed “The eXchange,” was developed by Crossfire’s parent company and custom software solutions provider, Sandfield. Crossfire then connected Foodstuffs’ supply chain partners via EDI, while providing hosting, tracking and support.

“We liked that Sandfield is local, we liked their approach to our solution compared to some of the other bigger players in the market that we spoke with. Their team was very calm and serene in the face of the complexity and varying business dynamics. Says Chris Monkton, Purchasing Process Manager, Foodstuffs NI.

Montkon says Crossfire’s bespoke solution exceeded expectations, despite being a complex project to manage.

“We appreciated the collective and tailor-made approach offered by Crossfire. Nothing was too difficult and we now have a long-term partnership, beyond a simple supplier-supplier relationship, that we can rely on to move our business processes forward.

Another Kiwi-owned company that uses Crossfire’s EDI integration to connect to key parts of its supply chain is Oob, based in Omaha, a leading supplier of certified organic fruit, vegetables and ice cream in New Zealand and abroad.

“We supply most of the major supermarket chains in New Zealand and Australia through several third-party distribution companies,” says Howard George, Chief Financial Officer of Oob.

“It is absolutely essential for our business to integrate seamlessly with our customers and warehouse systems to ensure that we deliver fully and on time. The Crossfire team made it all possible and it is now an integral part of our business operations. “

Adam Turner, head of supply chain and distribution at Karma Drinks agrees.

“Our business supplies hundreds of retailers across New Zealand and has thousands of orders. The time and errors saved with Crossfire’s EDI integration are countless.

Payne says another key differentiator that sets Crossfire apart is that it prides itself on not just being an out-of-the-box solution given that every customer’s business is unique.

“You can’t just plug someone in and send them out!” There are a lot of little traps and traps that customers can fall into and this is where our experience and support comes in. We provide a tailor-made solution for each business and then back it up with good local service. continuous thereafter. “

To find out how Managed Integration could benefit your operations, check out the Crossfire website.

Henry Payne, crossfire leader

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