Stanbroke wins third consecutive Darling Downs beef battle

Last night STANBROKE Pastoral Co achieved a hat trick of the Darling Downs Beef Challenge taste test titles, with the prize being decided at a test dinner in Toowoomba.

Owned by the Menegazzo family, the vertically integrated company operates a series of large-scale properties in the Gulf Country of Queensland, bottom and feedlot operations in southern Queensland and a processing plant in the Valley of Locker.

Stanbroke beat out eight other grain-fed beef brands for the title – including Rangers Valley, JBS, Mort & Co, The Grove Shorthorns, NH Foods, Stockyard Beef and North Australian Pastoral Co.

The wider Darling Downs region accounts for almost half of Australia’s batch supply capacity, providing the perfect showcase for quality local produce in the competition.

Stanbroke’s Chris Woolhouse said the result was “very, very exciting”.

“It’s such a sensational competition, and it’s wonderful to win in terms of promoting a local business and building brand recognition,” he said.

“We were quite worried about whether we could win the trifecta, but the victory is a testament to the hard work of all our staff.”

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise have been running the contest for five years – half of the score coming from a panel of judges and the other half from a crowd vote among 400 participating diners.

Each brand submits a grain sirloin that is judged on flavor, tenderness, juiciness, overall presentation and taste.

The entrepreneur from Meat & Livestock Australia joined the panel. Sam Burkwho said the competition was a good opportunity to celebrate the important work of the beef industry in southern Queensland.

“The Darling Downs have some really passionate producers and we know that 60% of grain fed beef comes from the area, so it’s a pretty big part of the beef supply chain for domestic and export markets” , said Mr. Burke.

“The area has some really good farming practices with shadows on the feedlots and things like that, which I think should be celebrated.”

Managing Director of TSBE Food Leaders Australia justin heaven said the idea of ​​the contest was to throw 50pc of the judging to a crowd, to put the product to the “pub test”.

“We wanted to bring people into a product tasting room and be part of the judging process and we have 400 people coming to the event,” Mr. Heaven said.

“What you can get in a restaurant or pub every weekend is what we wanted to highlight.”

TSBE’s Justin Heaven with MLA business leader Sam Burke at Toowoomba TAFE.

The competition was preceded by a cooking demonstration at Toowoomba TAFE.

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