South Australia’s essential workers protest ‘Prime Minister’s failure’ ahead of federal budget

On Federal Budget Day, essential workers in South Australia will demonstrate on Tuesday calling out Scott Morrison’three years of failure as Prime Minister”.

In a united front, workers in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, teacher and community sectors will take part with others across Australia in a ‘morning of action’ particularly targeting the Federal Headquarters of Boothby.

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Showing a united front with 10,000 people across the country, around 150 workers are expected to demonstrate in South Africa today, supported by social media, stationary and mobile billboards “high visibility stunts” and “wobble boarding “.

Disgruntled workers will be holding signs today at several intersections including Greenhill Rd and Anzac Hwy, Diagonal and Brighton Rds, Sturt and Marion Rds, South and Daws Rds, Goodwood and Cross Rds and Unley and Cross Rds.

Throwing support behind the rally, Dale Beasley, SA Unions Secretary said Mr Morrison has “only offered great steps backwards for workers”.

“We have skyrocketing rates of underemployment and precarious work”

“We are experiencing the highest rate ever of workers needing more than one job to make ends meet,” said Mr. Beasley. “Most workers don’t take multiple jobs by choice.”

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