Sauce Magazine – 13 Reasons We Love Louie Over DeMun In Clayton

13 Reasons We Love Louie Over DeMun In Clayton

Consensus on a given topic is not easy to find at Sauce headquarters. However, there is at least one enduring truth that we all subscribe to: we love Louis. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, impressing an out-of-town guest, or treating yourself to a great weeknight meal, here are 13 reasons why Matt McGuire’s brainchild is Team Sauce’s safe haven.

louie’s dining room // photo by greg rannells

1. Cauliflower fritto with a glass of something sparkling is the perfect festive note to start your meal.

2. Nothing bonds like butter, so we like to share an order of rich polenta with meaty, charred mushrooms with the table.

3. Every component of panna cotta contributes to its iconic status – candied almonds, dried dates and reconstituted cherries in a red wine reduction – but the unexpected and elegant olive oil finish lifts it above the rest. Drizzled over the cold dessert, the olive oil becomes viscous and flavors everything it touches.

grilled spanish octopus // photo courtesy of spencer pernikoff

4. The Grilled Spanish Octopus with Crispy Potatoes, Chickpeas and Calabrian Chili Soppressata is hearty without being heavy. It’s a great study in contrasting textures and flavors that make for great bites.

5. Even the non-dessert lovers among us love the ice cream sandwich. Flavors change periodically; the current option has a frozen Earl Gray tea froth and is topped with an orange caramel giving different levels of citrus notes.

owner matt mcguire // photo courtesy of spencer pernikoff

6. Whether it’s summer peach and prosciutto ravioli, sweet corn ravioli, heirloom tomatoes and caprese mozzarella, or fall sweet potato ravioli with butter sauce Nutty, we mark these seasonal specials in our calendars like the yearly checkups we look forward to.

7. The wine list is full of interesting bottles, mostly Italian, with appearances from low-intervention cellars and wines from other countries, such as Spain, France and Germany. But best of all, the knowledgeable staff are happy to pour flavors and offer confident recommendations that will make you feel good about jumping for a bottle.

jordan vanzandt makes every meal at louie a party // photo courtesy of spencer pernikoff

8. The stunning wallpaper. Massive, baroque flowers in soft colors look like they are about to burst from the wall. It’s romantic, it’s dramatic – what can I say, it gives us all the feelings.

9. Atmosphere: The space is inviting and beautiful, and the music and lighting help create a great energy that makes you happy to be there.

10. Man of many hats Jordan VanZandt makes every meal at Louie’s a party he throws. Like the best hosts, he is full of joy and makes you feel that everything you say is important. He always seems to have the most fun and really enjoys seeing people have a great restaurant experience.

broccolini pizza // photo by izaiah johnson

11. Executive Chef Sean Turner is a true pasta champion. Turner represented the United States at the 2019 Barilla World Pasta Championship after being named the US Master of Pasta in the qualifying competition. Our favorite way to experience Turner’s skills is with the off-menu cacio e pepe – we can’t guarantee availability, but, if you ask very nicely, you might just be in luck.

12. Broccolini pizza brings bold flavors together with spicy Calabrian peppers, fresh lemon and rich ricotta on a fluffy pizza crust.

13. What you see is Matt McGuire meditatively shaving prosciutto in the corner, but he’s the maestro who makes the magic we experience at Louie possible.

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