Opening of the new UCSD Downtown Hub Park and Market

Located in the East Village at the corner of Park Boulevard and Market Street, UC San Diego’s long-planned presence in downtown San Diego opened on May 6. Located just steps from the Blue Line Trolley stop at Park & ​​Market, the $75 million, four-story, 66,760-square-foot building promises to serve the San Diego community as a hub for transportation. civic engagement, learning and collaboration.

Chancellor Pradeep Khosla spoke about the mission and goals of Park & ​​Market at the UCSD News Center.

“Park & ​​Market is integral to our mission to be a student-centric, research-focused and service-oriented university community,” said Chancellor Pradeep Khosla. “UC San Diego Park & ​​Market is a reaffirmation of our responsibility to foster inclusivity, create access to our world-class resources, and create vital connections locally and globally.”

On its website, Park & ​​Market describes its vision in three words: connection, catalyst and engagement. The mixed-use building seeks to form multidisciplinary connections between art, science, culture, technology, public service, and more. To do this, the building plans to host cultural events through art, music, theater, film and food.

The building houses several facilities spread over the four floors. This includes:

  • The Guggenheim Theatre, a 225-seat black box theater
  • A 58-seat cinema
  • Four conference rooms
  • Three classrooms
  • A computer lab
  • Citizen collaboration
  • Several gallery spaces
  • A balcony stage with pocket theater seats
  • A dance and well-being room
  • And a café and a bistro

Park & ​​Market also offers spaces for events, ranging from private to full-service, and has a capacity of over 1,000. UCSD plans to engage over 10,000 people annually at Park & ​​Market and hopes its programs will enable unemployed and underemployed people to obtain college certificates and well-paying jobs.

Local businessman and philanthropist Malia Burnham and his wife, Roberta Burnham, donated $3 million to the hub to support the partnership between the Burnham Center for Community Advancement and UCSD. The center will serve as a think tank where stakeholders and community partners will come together to identify regional needs, find innovative solutions and tackle the binational region’s most pressing issues.

“The Burnham Center for Community Advancement is here to work with like-minded organizations to solve problems, create solutions, and move our binational region forward,” Malia Burnham told the UCSD News Center. “UC San Diego Park & ​​Market is an ideal hub for collaboration and problem solving in downtown San Diego.”

Additionally, David and Clare Guggenheim donated $1 million to the project. In honor of their donation, the black box theater will be named the David and Clare Guggenheim Theatre. David Guggenheim told the UCSD News Center that the theater will serve as a multidisciplinary space with many purposes and services for those visiting Park & ​​Market.

“Claire and I believe the Guggenheim Theater will provide a modern, configurable space for many of our local performing arts organizations, for in-person and Zoom classes, and many other uses,” said David Guggenheim. “We are thrilled that Park & ​​Market, with its downtown location, is helping to expose UC San Diego to a whole new audience, to many underserved people who may have felt a disconnect with the La Jola.”

The building will also benefit from the collaboration of several partners, including:

The Park & ​​Market website has more information about their building and events. To become more involved with Park & ​​Market, their Director of Asset Management and Community Partnerships, Todd Miller, can be reached at (858) 534-7479 or [email protected].

Photo taken by Erik Jepsen for the UC San Diego Press Center

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