Mudavadi dismisses scammer account and urges Kenyans to work hard

ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi has once again dismissed the scammers’ narrative urging Kenyans to work hard for a living, citing that glorifying poverty in the name of a nation of scammers is a negative approach to achieving a prosperous nation.

Speaking when he attended the burial ceremony of the late Mzee Samuel Masikonde, a prominent businessman from Kisiriri village, Narok North constituency, Narok county, Mudavadi claimed that for Kenya has a better future, all Kenyans must join hands and work to revive the declining economy to create room for growth and job creation and not dependent on handouts.

Mudavadi said it was time for the leaders of this country to set their priorities by referring to the demographic trend of the country currently where at least 70% of the population of Kenya is made up of unemployed or underemployed youth.

“We don’t want Kenya to be a restless nation. We want Kenya to be a prosperous nation. We should not glorify the turmoil and poverty that we need to sweat in order to be able to thrive. Let’s have different ideas as we build our democracy. Convince me that your idea is better, and then I can support you, ”he said. Mudavadi further called on Kenyans to ensure peace prevails now and during the election period as the 2022 transitional elections approach.

He was also quick to point out that what Kenya experienced after the 2007 election is not expected to happen again, urging all political contenders to put Kenya ahead of any other political ambitions so that Kenya has a post-August 2022 united and prosperous.

“Kuna vijana wengi wamezaliwa hawakujua mambo yaliyofanyika 2007. Na wale ambao watafika kwa debe mwaka ujao, we must always maintain peace in our country. Kura isitugawanye. Tusiwe na wakati mwingine damu au tone la damu litamwagika kasababu ya siasa ”, underlined Mudavadi.

Also present were Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina, Lugari Deputy Ayub Savula, Matungu Deputy Peter Nabulindo and ANC General Secretary Simon Kamau.

Mudavadi then traveled to Nakuru County as he wrapped up his day one tour of Narok and Nakuru Counties, where he addressed Kenyans at Kaptembwa in Nakuru County.

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