Kleinschmidt launches FreightLaunch mobile app to expand access to EDI and digital freight

“In developing FreightLaunch Mobile, our mission was to reduce friction in the overall freight movement schedule and increase participation in the digital shipping process by allowing even the smallest carriers and operators with limited staff to forgo paper-based processes. by providing the electronic documents required by senders, “said Kleinschmidt Director of Marketing Phil johnson. “The FreightLaunch platform laid the groundwork for increased participation in carrier EDI and reduced paper-based processes. Today, as the supply chain continues to experience continued capacity limitations, shippers are even more dependent on the use of technology to expand their carrier pools and the accessibility offered by FreightLaunch. enables an even larger network to be created without disrupting ongoing processes or spending limited resources on carrier integration. “

FreightLaunch Mobile leverages Kleinschmidt’s robust and secure B2B integration network for EDI activation. As the EDI and data integration backbone for a wide range of leading shippers, LTL and LTL carriers, Kleinschmidt has provided one of the most robust business networks in the world for EDI connectivity for freight, logistics and retail for over 30 years.

About Kleinschmidt
Kleinschmidt creates and supports customized electronic data exchange, B2B messaging and API integration solutions that power large enterprise supply chains and enable businesses of all sizes to exchange critical business data with any imaginable business partner. Kleinschmidt’s complex all-in-all integration capabilities span all formats, business systems and industries, with full support for existing and emerging technologies.

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