Japan’s unemployment rate rises to 2.8% in April

Tokyo, May 28 (IANS): Japan’s unemployment rate rose to 2.8% in April, from 2.6% the month before, the government said on Friday.

The number of unemployed in April rose 10.6% year-on-year to 2.09 million for the 15th consecutive month of increases, the dpa news agency reported citing a report released by the Home Office and the Ministry of the Interior. Communications.

Although the unemployment rate has remained relatively low despite the coronavirus pandemic, one of the most critical problems with the work situation in Japan has been underemployment, analysts say.

The proportion of temporary and part-time workers, many of whom are women and young people, stood at 36 percent in April, the ministry said.

Those workers in these types of roles usually earn less.

In 2019, their salaries were almost a third of those of regular employees.

These casual workers have also been the most affected by the economic fallout from the pandemic.

Japan’s economy contracted at an annualized rate of 5.1% between January and March, the first contraction in three quarters as the country grapples with a slow rollout of vaccination and an increase in coronavirus infections.

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