IWSC awards Low & No Alcohol trophies

Following our recent announcement that registrations for our Low & No Drinks Awards have increased by almost 400% – this year, the IWSC is delighted to recognize four of the competition’s trophy winners.

While the IWSC has judged Low & No since 2019, 2021 is the first year that trophies are awarded in this category.

Four trophies were awarded to the product with the best score in four categories:

Low / No Spirit Trophy 2021

An increasingly popular category with a huge wave of entries, especially gin style drinks. However, in our first year of awarding trophies for Low & No, this trophy was awarded to an alternative to rum, Sober Spirits Sober Rum:

“Nice notes of aged rum with characteristics of woody caramel combining on the palate. Notes of smoke, banana, vanilla and tobacco continue for a long and complex finish. Notes of ginger enhance the bold palate. “

Low / No New Wave Trophy 2021

While there are Low & No Awards listed drinks that are alternatives to established products, such as spirits and wine, the IWSC has also seen several new developments occur beyond the existing styles of drinks. The Nouvelle Vague Trophy was awarded to Crossip Dandy Smoke:

“A mature example of what is possible. Cloudy pale orange hue, which clears to pale orange on dilution. Aromas and flavors of spices, citrus, rhubarb and smoke, an intense palate but balanced which allows a long and tasty spicy finish. “

Low / No Apéro Trophy 2021

Among the many new entrants for 2021 there was a boom in aperitif and vermouth type products and the Low / No Aperitif Trophy was awarded to Crodino Campari:

“A really delicious aperitif with a juicy bitter orange punch and delicious dryness, very well balanced. Perfect for mixing to suit a wide range of palates. Very drinkable and accessible. “

Low / No Wine Trophy 2021

The Alternative Wines category completes the Low & No Trophy range and the winner has its origins in the French Languedoc wine region and this wine is made from a unique blend of Chardonnay Vinada Wines Crispy Chardonnay NV grape varieties:

“Sensationally elegant with hints of peach and tangy flowers, delicate citrus, and hints of yellow and exotic fruits. A refreshing balance of acidity and aromatic complexity with classic buttery richness supported by fine bubbles and a delicately creamy finish.

The IWSC is delighted with the growing success of its Low & No Alcohol Drinks Awards. Registrations for all our 2022 competitions are open from 8e November.

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