Inquisitors Prove the Need for Darth Bane’s Rule of Two

The following contains spoilers for Obi-Wan Kenobi Parts I and II, which premiered May 27 on Disney+.

Located between Revenge of the Sith and A new hopenew Obi Wan Kenobi series is the ideal platform for various star wars Easter eggs. In the first two episodes, it’s clear the writers had eagerly seized the opportunity to bridge the gap between the trilogies. Temuera Morrison appears as a Clone Trooper, 4-LOM appears on Daiyu, and there are countless flashbacks to the prequel trilogy, including another view of Order 66.

However, one of the coolest easter eggs isn’t something physical – it’s the characterization of the dark side itself. As the various Inquisitors struggle to find a unified goal, their feuds perfectly reflect Darth Bane’s Ancient Sith era and show fans why the Rule of Two was a necessary development in the history of the Sith Order.

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The Grand Inquisitor first appeared in star wars rebels animated series. His face was terrifying and his mastery of the Force was unlike anything Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger had ever seen. At the end of Season 1, Kanan was able to end the Grand Inquisitor’s reign of terror, but it wasn’t long before new threats arrived. In Season 2, the two learned that there were many other Inquisitors, as the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister began hunting them.

While the fifth brother and seventh sister had a common goal of hunting down the Jedi, it was clear that they had their own style of doing things. It also quickly became clear that there was a rivalry between the two “siblings”, but it’s not an isolated competition. The dark Vador (2017) elaborate comic series about the Inquisitor, and star wars fans quickly learned that the Inquisitors’ order was a power grab. Each of them was trying to curry favor with Vader, and if that meant stabbing a colleague, that was perfectly acceptable.

Obviously, Vader wasn’t concerned about fair play. He simply wanted the Inquisitorius to complete his Jedi-hunting duties, regardless of internal squabbles. In fact, these feuds only brought them closer to the dark side of the Force, where the wrath of bitter and bitter rivalries only made them stronger.

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This mindset becomes even more evident in Obi Wan Kenobithe first two episodes. The Grand Inquisitor is on his usual power trip, and the Third Sister (Reva) doesn’t like it. So she makes a clandestine plan to get Obi-Wan (whom she has a vendetta with) out of hiding after being explicitly told to stop looking for Kenobi. Luckily for her, the plan works by getting Obi-Wan out, but when he sees this, the Grand Inquisitor decides to take credit for the operation. She is about to attack Obi-Wan when the Grand Inquisitor arrives to steal the lightning from her. Naturally, Reva will not bear this kind of insult, even from her superior. So, she takes her lightsaber and runs through it. Granted, it’s pretty obvious that the Grand Inquisitor won’t die of his wounds and the rivalry between them will continue.

The Inquisitorius is the perfect facsimile of the ancient Sith. Of course, Inquisitors aren’t Sith – they really aren’t that powerful. Still, their affiliation with the dark side puts them in the same category as the Sith and gives fans a picture of what ancient Sith rivalries would have looked like. Thus, if the Sith had united, they would have had a chance of defeating the Jedi Order. However, their self-elevating nature (which is a characteristic of Dark Side users) prevented them from truly working together. Between their wars with the Jedi and their own murderous plots, the Sith nearly disappeared during the time of Darth Bane. His Rule of Two was the only thing that preserved the Sith Order and allowed it to grow secretly for thousands of years. Without Vader’s control, the Inquisitors would have done the same and eventually killed each other.

For more on the Inquisitors’ rivalries, watch Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+. New episodes air every Wednesday.

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