How to have the perfect containment picnic

Canberra’s lockdown restrictions are finally easing, and we’re allowed to enjoy the freedom of a quiet picnic with a few friends. There is nothing more enjoyable than a sunny afternoon in the park with music, laughter and delicious food, while sharing good times with the people you love.

So here are some tips for hosting the ultimate lockdown picnic.

Pack your favorite picnic accessories

A nice rug, comfy pillows, and matching cutlery are picnic essentials. If you are there when the sun begins to set from your favorite spot with a panoramic view, don’t forget your mood lighting and cozy blanket to keep warm!

Bring delicious food and frozen drinks

Food is the most important aspect of a picnic, and you can never go wrong with fresh fruit to snack on and a hearty salad to fill you up… and maybe a cheeky glass of rosé, too.

Stay cool

To keep your food cool, you will need cooler bags and baskets to store everything.

Entertainment is essential

When the conversation dies down but you’re not ready to go home, pull out the music or one of those games for a little competition and fun.

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