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Refer to “Foolish Counting of Cases”; the alarm created by the media in the public by announcing the increase in cases of Omicron on a daily basis, as well as the restrictions on the free movement of the public by the administration is unwarranted, as it has been supported by medical records that the Omicron virus is mild. Very few cases require hospitalization and deaths are rare. Omicron should be treated like other viruses that cause flu-like symptoms, without any serious health issues. The majority of adults in the country have been vaccinated and have developed immunity. The economy, education, employment and other sectors have already suffered a severe blow in the second wave. It would be wise to remove restrictions and let people lead normal lives.

Yoginder Singhal, Ladwa

No reason to panic

The “blind counting of cases” conveyed a relevant message: do not rely solely on the number of active cases, but also on the number of hospitalizations and the death rate. Residual attacks from the virus may seem like a normal part of life, but that’s no reason to let our guard down. This can help us avoid an economic downturn as well as control unnecessary panic among the public.

VK Anand, Chandigarh

Covid cells in schools

In a research study, the World Bank’s Director for Global Education found that there is no justification for school closures due to Covid-19. The matter needs to be investigated in India and if the study is found to be reliable, schools in India could be operational immediately after taking all precautions. A separate cell can be established in each school to review the day-to-day situation and take action accordingly. The introduction of digitization as a possible consequence of the pandemic cannot replace classroom teaching.


The political renegades

The 2022 election in Punjab is witnessing a wave of marriages of convenience. Some political defectors have even changed parties in less than a few days. This position of politicians as well as parties paints Punjab in a bad light. The Electoral Commission must look into this drama and take steps to exclude the use of the power of money, if any. These politicians are failing the people by pushing the state into political uncertainty rather than resuscitating a solid model of stable democracy for its prosperity.

Brij B. Goyal, Ludhiana

Unemployment data

Refer to “Unemployment in Haryana must be solved”; there are strong arguments for unemployment data. Political leaders should have empathy for young people who are more victims of underemployment than unemployment and are forced to work with lower wages, even in jobs for the most educated. Education in line with NEP 2020 is key to fostering creativity, innovation and critical thinking as well as human values ​​and ethics.

MM Goel, Gurugram

Need more jobs

Haryana’s educational hubs produce a number of educated young people who are likely to take only odd jobs and sell their land to earn a living or move abroad. Educated young people with a strong financial background seek cash-for-work opportunities, and those who are hand-to-mouth are being left behind. Thousands of dreams are shattered.

Devina Badhwar, Rohtak

Grain basket

Refer to “The Nutrition Security of the Nation Depends on Punjab”; Punjab has played a crucial role in filling India’s grain basket in the past and continues to do so. The demand for organic grains, pulses and vegetables is on the rise due to the widespread use of pesticides. Crop diversification combined with MSP on diversified crops can be a solution. But the state argues that due to its depleted finances, it cannot share the costs incurred for crop diversification. All of these issues require proper deliberation. Punjab has developed an excellent mandi system for procurement which is not the case in many other parts of the country.


Djokovic will be missed

Djokovic’s absence will be felt at the Australian Open (“Slammed out: Djokovic loses appeal, expelled from Australia”). World number one Djokovic has been making headlines since landing in Melbourne to play the Australian Open. Knowing that he was not vaccinated and that he had recently tested positive, the authorities were right not to issue him an entry visa. The awkward drama could have stopped here and there. It remains to be seen whether the decision regarding Djokovic sets a precedent in other sports. Regardless of how that point was reached, Djokovic is still a champion and fans will miss him.

Gregory Fernandes, Bombay

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