Diezani raised $ 300,000 through NNPC contract to fund Jonathan’s election in 2015: FBI

Former Nigerian Oil Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke set up a shakedown program that required NNPC contractors to pay $ 300,000 per month in bribes for oil deals to support the bid for the re-election of then-president Goodluck Jonathan.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said in court documents filed in the United States that Ms Alison-Madueke accepted million dollar bribes from oil and cargo contractors from 2014 and for several months before the March 2015 elections.

The charges were part of an affidavit filed in the ongoing money laundering case against Anthony Stimler, a British national and former West African executive at energy trading giant Glencore.

US prosecutors, relying on FBI investigations, alleged in court records that Mr Stimler other local and international oil brokers paid Ms Alison-Madueke bribes in exchange for oil contracts on favorable terms. Ms Alison-Madueke allegedly paid the bribes in Mr Jonathan’s re-election campaign, according to the charges.

“On or around September 25, 2014, Co-Conspirator 6 sent an email to STIMLER informing them that Foreign Official 1 had stated that ‘all NNPC clients give in advance [$300,000] each month / cargo plus a certain amount which varies for the moment “in connection with an upcoming political election”, the document says.

Ms Alison-Madueke has since been identified by multiple sources, including Bloomberg, as the “foreign official 1” referenced in the document. The bribery program was also aimed at supplying more lucrative grades of oil to Glencore and other foreign multinationals with active contracts with the state-run NNPC at the time, according to court documents.

The NNPC led by Ms Alison-Madueke has also been accused of receiving $ 200,000 in oil shipments of $ 50,000 around April 2015 which were due to be delivered at the end of the year.

Ms Alison-Madueke read but did not respond to several WhatsApp messages requesting comment from The Gazette for this story on Monday afternoon.

Mr Stimler, who at the time worked for Switzerland-based Glencore, facilitated financial transfers from Switzerland to NNPC officials in Nigeria while traveling to the United States, thereby violating the Practices Act of corruption abroad for which he is tried in a federal court in New York.

Mr Jonathan and Ms Alison-Madueke have long been accused of stealing oil revenues, with the UK Department for International Development reporting more than $ 32 billion was embezzled during their administration. Although they have never been tried, their associates across the Atlantic have seen their assets seized for money laundering, bribery, bribery and racketeering.

The Gazette obtained the court documents days after Bloomberg reported that the NNPC also received at least $ 900,000 in bribes from oil deals that went directly to President Muhammadu Buhari’s re-election campaign in 2019. Although Mr. Buhari has maintained his so-called incorruptibility, his office has yet to deny corruption charges in the United States.

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