City of Jackson Reaches Temporary Agreement with Richard’s Disposal | Mississippi Politics and Current Affairs

The council agreed to pay the company $4.8 million for work it has provided since April.

Last week, the city of Jackson announced that after six months on an emergency contract and without compensation, Richard’s Disposal would cease all citywide garbage collection.

In a statement, the city said Richard’s Disposal, the lowest bidder for the $12 million waste management contract, was awarded a fully executed emergency contract by the mayor that has yet to be ratified. by the Jackson City Council. Thus, since the contract had not been ratified, the work was not remunerated.

“As of April 1, 2022, the contractor has satisfactorily completed all of its obligations and the unpaid bills due for garbage collection over the past six months exceed four million dollars,” the statement from the mayor’s office continued. “The work stoppage directly affects 70 local employees who were unemployed or underemployed when they were hired by Richard’s. Additionally, the contractor employs a local security company that works around the clock to protect vehicles and equipment. »

“I would like to thank Richard’s Disposal, its 70 local employees and Mr. Alvin Richard for their dedicated service over the past six months,” said Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba. “They have fulfilled all obligations of their signed contract and have exceeded the terms of the agreement. It is unfortunate that the Jackson City Council has not ratified the signed contract and authorized payment for services rendered. citizens of Jackson paid and continue to pay for the solid waste collection, and they received the services but, due to the Jackson City Council’s inaction, my administration is legally unable to pay Richard for the services rendered. thoughts and prayers go out to the 70 local employees and their families who are facing unemployment as the holiday season approaches.


WAPT reported Friday that the city has reached an agreement with Richard’s Disposal that will continue garbage collection for residents. The city of Jackson agreed to pay $4.8 million for garbage collection.

However, despite the temporary agreement, the ongoing case has not been resolved. Richard’s Disposal owner Alvin Richard told WAPT that there is no permanent contract.

“We’re glad to have this temporary settlement, but it’s not over,” said John Walker, attorney for Richard’s disposition. “And people have to understand that. It’s just a lull in the storm.

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