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“He has 148 stabs in him; a few honorable ones in the front, and many more in the back.

The Conservative Party’s vote of confidence in Boris Johnson’s leadership was the big political story of the week and POLITICO readers were treated to a series of incisive stories that went far beyond the headlines to explain the deception politics, as well as the character of the man himself. As a former amateur cricketer and son of a marine biologist, I was particularly thrilled by this eye-opening piece: The ‘Limpet’: Why Boris Johnson Believes He Can Hang On.

On Wednesday, I joined a group of editors from Axel Springer, POLITICO’s parent company, in Berlin for discussions about the future of our industry and off-the-record meetings with top politicians. . Suffice to say that the vibe and vibe couldn’t be more different from the rowdy maelstrom that is Westminster! As we cruised the river through central Berlin and engaged in polite conversation with Germany’s political elite, I got a better understanding of the struggle within the soul of the nation as it faces past mistakes that probably encouraged Vladimir Putin to launch his disastrous invasion of Ukraine. . As one person said: Germany is rearming and becoming militaristic, but for the first time since German unification at the end of the 19ecentury, its neighbors are all delighted!

Check back next week to see what’s happening in the world of European politics.

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UkraineX: How Elon Musk’s space satellites changed warfare on the ground

Outstanding example of our transatlantic collaboration here, between Washington, London and Eastern Ukraine. It’s timely, interesting, and careful, and balances the good SpaceX is doing with Elon Musk’s current public persona. The commissioned artwork is beautiful. Read the story.

Amazon nears pact to end EU’s most advanced antitrust probe

Everyone in Brussels knows that competition scoops are some of the hardest to get, but we landed this cracker on one of the most important cases. A settlement is underway in a hotly contested case over whether Amazon isn’t playing fair by being both a store itself and a platform to sell other retailers’ products. Read the story.

Chinese hawks seek to ban Confucius Institutes from Britain

Big scoop on backbench MPs’ attempt to ban controversial Chinese Confucius Institutes from operating in the UK, which is set to cause another headache for Boris Johnson’s government. Read the story.

British Council slammed for handling complaints of discrimination in Kenya

This is an important investigation into British Council bosses who reject allegations of racism and discrimination within its ranks. Leaked audio and documents as well as reports from deep sources brought a complicated feud to life. Read the story.

China’s new vassal: Vladimir Putin

This story was a perfect example of how we succeed when we take a major geopolitical trend – and make it a historic shift – and simply state the case boldly. We found many details and quotes on whether China will dictate the future of Russia’s energy sector and whether Beijing can now stop Moscow from selling arms to India. Read the story.


The lobbying war to cut EU emissions

What just happened? That was the question earlier this week when much of the EU’s landmark climate legislation went off the rails in the European Parliament. Zia’s article has gone down in history for highlighting the ‘lobbying tsunami’ that has engulfed MEPs in recent weeks. Read the story.

Bullshit from the Black Sea: Kyiv fights Russia’s lies on the food crisis

Hard-hitting explanatory piece that does a good job of laying out the facts about a complex issue. Read the story.


EU Confidential: Return of Merkel – Pushback from Poland – US Ambassador to NATO

POLITICO’s Andrew Gray and Lili Bayer unpack Ursula von der Leyen’s plan to give Poland a path to coronavirus recovery funds as the European Commission president faces criticism – some of it from senior members of her own team – that she lets Warsaw off the hook on rule-of-law standards. And Matthew Karnitschnig joins the panel to debate Angela Merkel’s decision to return to the stage – literally – after six months of silence since stepping down as German chancellor. In a lengthy interview before an audience in a Berlin theater, Merkel asked whether her own politics had played a role in emboldening Russia to attack Ukraine. Lili interviews our special guest Julianne Smith, the US Ambassador to NATO. Smith discusses how the alliance could bolster its eastern flank in light of the war in Ukraine, Turkey’s objections to membership offers from Sweden and Finland, and how NATO will consider probably Russia and China in his next strategic plan. Listen to the episode.

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Westminster Insider: Casinos, coups and life on the bread line with Labour’s Jon Ashworth

Co-host Jack Blanchard talks to Labour’s pugnacious Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jon Ashworth about his extraordinary childhood and his more than 20 years in parliament. In the week Boris Johnson faced a Tory coup attempt, Ashworth recalls the tumultuous years he spent working for former Prime Minister Gordon Brown as Labor MPs plotted for the drop. He talks about the last frustrating decade in opposition, and where Labor got it wrong since 2010. And he talks about his remarkable childhood, with an alcoholic father who worked as a croupier in a Manchester casino and a mother who worked as a Bunny Girl. waitress in the same place. Listen to the episode.

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Angela Merkel self-isolated after leaving office. Read this week’s Declassified for a taste of his diary.

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“Great grandmother, can’t you just send Boris to the Tower of London?”

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“Watch out, Prime Minister! He’s the former French bantamweight champion!” by Gregor Pozniak.

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