8 job fields with the highest sign-up bonuses

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Employers are using signing bonuses at a high rate to attract talent – ​​and there are ways for workers to take advantage of this trend.

A signing bonus is a financial sweetener — often a cash lump sum — that companies offer job applicants.

These offers The amount of money you receive will depend on your company and job title. For example, a Walgreens survey found that pharmacists who work in certain parts of the country are eligible for a $75,000 signing bonus to help alleviate staffing shortages. Report in the Wall Street Journal.

In July Signature announced bonuses were 5.2%, slightly below the peak of 5.5%. December HoweverIt’s still three times higher than the July level According to an analysis of the Career site for Indeed internal data.

That employers want to fill vacancies while workers still have vacancies, suggesting that they are in competition with each other. “in the driver’s seat”, Ann Elizabeth Konkel An At Indeed.

“If employers could find workers in spades, I don’t think they would use signing bonuses that way,” Konkel said.

8 job sectors with the highest sign-up bonuses

According to the trend, the trend is more prevalent in healthcare jobs like nursing, home care, doctors, surgeons, dentists, and medical technicians. Data indeed. More These 10%+ signing bonuses are available in July job postings.

For In the last three years, there has been an increase in job offers for these bonuses, ranging from 6% to 18%. July 2019 July According to 2021 Effectively.

Here are eight of the most lucrative professions offering July 2022 signing bonuses, according to Indeed.

  1. Feeding with milk: 18.1% of all job offers
  2. Conduct: 15.1%
  3. Dental: 14.7%
  4. Veterinary: 13.5%
  5. Medical Technician: 12.6%
  6. Physicians Surgeons And Physicians 11.4%
  7. Child care: 11.3%
  8. Personal Care Home Health 11.3%

‘Demand the workers is still strong’

Workers since Companies saw the benefits of a strong labor market in early 2021 as they ramped up hiring efforts after a period of weakness during the pandemic.

Job vacancies Salaries have increased at an unprecedented rate, reaching new heights. This record number of employees are incentivized to quit their jobs and look elsewhere for better quality work.

Workers can negotiate whatever they want.


At Indeed

Despite the cooling Over the past few months, the trend has come to be known as the Great Resignation or The Great Reshuffle The full rise of tAccording to labor economists, the figure is. Although, according to surveys, some workers were underemployed, they later found this to be unfortunate. If they are not satisfied with their concert, they can request a refund.

Last week’s July jobs report beat expectations US unemployment rate back to pre-pandemic levels Lowest figure since 1969 was:-

“The demand for workers is always strong, so workers can bargain what they choose to bargain,” Konkel said. “Maybe it’s a signing bonus, maybe it’s asking for a higher hourly wage, maybe it’s flexibility, maybe it’s a particular perk.”

Negotiation Signing Bonus: Tell them I love you.

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There are several ways workers can consider negotiating a signing bonus — or a better deal if one is already on the table.

First consider how much money you could leave at work. Mandi Woodruff-Santos, career and money coach. By some estimates, the trading bonus can be worth up to $400,000. His income grew by $160,000 over 10 years.

This category could contain Stock Unvested 401k matching funds or options – money that isn’t yours yet but would be if you stayed at your current job. You Your employer may offer tuition reimbursement and a sign-up bonus. However, you would be required to repay the money if you breach certain contractual obligations such as term of employment.

You can use this amount to negotiate a connection incentive of the same value with potential employers. Woodruff-SantosWho founded it? MandiMoney Makersa Women of Color in a group that offers coaching and community.

Workers can also research average signing bonuses for people at their level of experience in their industry — and use that as leverage in the interview process, she added.

If a job offers workers a bonus, they should be open about it. They can also say they don’t like the bonus amount and ask if there is a way to increase it. said Woodruff-Santos.

These multiple interviews can be conducted simultaneously. You can also sign up for a bonus offer from a potential employer to check that the offer is still valid.

“I’m always a fan of just asking,” Woodruff-Santos. “That said, the rationale behind it has to be there: you have to tell the story of why you’re asking.”

It is best to wait at least two-thirds through your interview before negotiating the amount. However, if all the signs point to a future job, it’s a good idea to wait.

“Suck them up [first] and make them love you,” she said.

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