10 things we learned during the BMW M8 competition

If you’re looking for something to comfortably navigate around the country, the BMW Series 8 is one of the best options. However, BMW has also created a few high-performance models for gearheads who want their cruiser to be the ultimate track toy. In this segment, BMW has developed the M8 and the ultimate M8 Competition.

The M8 Competition builds on the impressive M8 with a tuned engine and lighter overall design. The M8 Competition also includes some unique design elements that we had the privilege of seeing first-hand at M Fest as we took the impressive coupe for a few quick laps around the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit.

Want to know more about BMW’s mighty M8 Competition? You are in the right place. Here’s what we learned while riding the M8 Competition.

10/10 Wide and aggressive stance

The BMW M8 was designed to be the ultimate field cruiser. This means the M8 has paired the luxury of a grand touring coupe with the performance of a specialist sports car to give you the best of both worlds. From our experience around Kyalami, BMW got this mix.

The M8 Competition builds on the M8 with an even more aggressive stance. The M8 Competition comes with a blacked out grille, wide rear arches and tons of black trim around the exterior of the car. This gives the coupe an even wider and more aggressive stance on the road.

9/10 Luxury performance

The M8 Competition combines performance and luxury. The interior of the M8 Competition features black Merino leather seats which come with Sakhir Orange Alcantara upholstery. The center console is firmly fixed in place and is covered in exposed carbon fiber.

While BMW included carbon fiber elements around the exterior of the M8 Competition, they also used it throughout the cabin. This gives the interior a brilliant contrast of high performance materials with soft and plush luxury finishes. The M8 Competition features bucket seats covered in soft leather, making it the perfect example of luxury performance.

8/10 Impressive V8 powertrain

The M8 Competition is one of the few coupes that still retains a powerful V8 engine. While the V8 in the standard M8 could produce around 600 HP, the tuned V8 in the M8 Competition can produce around 625 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque.

The M8 Competition comes with a tuned version of the standard M8’s 4.4-litre V8. This engine, together with the additional weight savings and aerodynamic performance of the Competition model, enables the M8 Competition to accelerate from 0-60 in just 3 seconds.

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7/10 M Sports Drivetrain

The BMW M8 Competition comes with more than just a tuned engine. The Competition model is also equipped with BMW’s innovative 8-speed transmission. This M Sport transmission comes with Drivelogic which can allow you to switch from automatic to manual at the push of a button.

The M8 Competition includes motorsport-inspired paddle shifters on either side of the steering wheel. This can help you take control of the transmission and quickly shift up and down without letting go of the steering wheel.

6/10 Adjustable sports exhaust

The M8 Competition comes with a powerful rear end. The Competition model features a subtle carbon fiber rear spoiler and carbon fiber rear diffuser. This perfectly highlights BMW’s four tailpipes which have been optimized specifically for the M8 Competition.

The M8 Competition model comes with an M sound control knob that can help you control the sound of the exhaust. This button allows you to quickly mute the noise of the exhaust when you need to be quiet but also allows you to arrive on the track with authority.

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5/10 Carbon-ceramic brakes

While the M8 Competition comes with an incredibly powerful engine, it also features advanced braking technology to help you handle the coupe like a pro. The integrated braking system allows you to fully configure the braking performance to perfectly tune the car for the track you are on.

The brakes themselves are incredibly impressive. The M8 Competition comes with carbon ceramic brakes which can deliver insane braking performance. This means you can tackle every corner with the confidence that you’ll be able to hit the perfect braking point.

4/10 Modern M technology

The M8 Competition is the ultimate M car. This means that BMW has included tons of proprietary technologies to create something truly unique and powerful. Besides the incredibly powerful M engine, the M8 features aerodynamic aesthetics, exclusive M wheels and a track mode for the dashboard.

The M8 also offers owners the ability to customize the layout of their cars. This means you don’t have to settle for the standard ECO and SPORT options, but can actually fine-tune the car’s setup to suit the track you’re going to be on.

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3/10 Digital instrument cluster

The BMW M8 Competition comes with the same awesome infotainment system you’d expect from any modern BMW. The M8 Competition’s iDrive system works seamlessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can easily connect your phone to the system.

This system also includes a digital driver instrument cluster. This all-digital instrument cluster can change depending on what drive mode you’re in. The innovative display will adjust when you’re in high performance mode to show you the information you need clearly and directly.

2/10 Track performance

The M8 Competition is an absolute trail beast. As we learned firsthand at M Fest in Kyalami, the M8 Competition comes with an incredibly powerful engine with an impressive launch control system that can accelerate the car from 0-60 in just 3 seconds.

The BMW Twin Power Turbo engine works seamlessly with the engine management system to provide you with the exact amount of power you need. While you can put the car in SPORT+ mode, the M8 Competition also lets you customize the entire car setup to suit the track you’re on.

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1/10 The perfect M coupe

The BMW M8 Competition is a powerful and dynamic sports coupe. This impressive two-door coupe is also available in a four-door variant, making it perfect for those who want performance with a bit more practicality.

The M8 comes with the luxury needed to comfortably cross the country in style. However, the M8 Competition comes with a powerful 4.4 liter V8 engine that can crush any track day with ease. The M8 Competition can produce 625 hp, making it the second most powerful BMW engine on the market behind the limited-edition M5 CS.

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