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When planning a car, it is worth analyzing the current ranking of car loans carefully, as it will allow us to choose the offer that best suits our needs and will save even a few hundred zlotys. The comparison of car loans is an extremely transparent compilation. The car loans comparator will tell you which car loan is best to choose.

Currently, Save Consumer Bank has a very attractive loan offer, offering a car loan for a passenger or delivery vehicle, also from abroad for a loan period up to 96 months, and a wide range of products: a loan with a monthly installment (equal or decreasing), a loan with a balloon installment paid once a year and a loan with a monthly installment and the last balloon installment.


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When looking for the best car loan for us, it is worth paying attention to the Payday Bank offer , under which we can receive the necessary money even within four hours from the moment of submitting the application. Payday Bank car loan is a solution for people who want to finance the purchase of their dream car, without unnecessary formalities and annotations in the registration certificate. Payday Bank offers a loan for new and used vehicles with an attractive interest rate of up to 110% of the car’s value. In addition, the Payday Bank car loan can be used to finance the additional equipment of the new car. The Payday Bank car loan is granted without the consent of the spouse , in the case of a new car – up to PLN 50,000. PLN for used – up to 30,000 zł

Even faster , because only in an hour , we will receive a loan decision from TRA Bank . This bank has a very attractive offer of cash loans for cars , which interest rate is very attractive – only 5% for each customer . A cash loan for a car at TRA Bank can be obtained in the amount of up to PLN 150,000 without any own payment. It is worth taking into account the cash loan for TRA Bank’s car, because we have guaranteed the return of all interest if we repay the loan in 6 months. The offer is worth getting acquainted especially when we want to receive money quickly.

It is also worth mentioning the current car loan offer of PPL Bank

Whose greatest advantage is attractive interest rate, exceptionally long loan period, which can last up to 10 years and a high loan amount – even PLN 500,000. PPL Bank offers not only a car loan with minimum formalities, but also does not require the borrower to make any own contribution and grants loans to purchase a car regardless of the age of the car purchased by the borrower.


Comparison of car loans – ranking of car loans

Comparison of car loans - ranking of car loans

When selecting an offer, you must pay attention to the smallest details and choose the one that will be the best for you – the borrower. The car loan is usually offered to persons who have full legal capacity and achieve a fixed income from: employment contract, old-age pension, annuity, business activity, agricultural activity or other documented activity (eg free profession, rents).


Car loans for new and used cars

Car loans for new and used cars

Compare car loans and find the one and only one – the best car loan, thanks to which you can make dreams about your car quickly and without unnecessary formalities. Take a car loan and buy a dream car!